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Dino's Profile Page

Name: Dino Yancey
Age: 32
Location: Houston, TX
Occupation: UNIX/Linux Admin
Member Since: The dawn of time
Automotive experience/strengths: 2GNT and 420A platforms. I can take anything apart, I can fix anything, but usually i try not to ;-)
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Vehicle Stats
Year/Make: 1995 Eclipse GS
Color: Black
Dyno Link: No link, but i have a 300+wHP dyno sheet from 2002
ET Sheet Link: No link, 13.90@105MPH in 2002
Goals: 12's.

Engine/Trans Modifications

2.4L block, 9:1 CP pistons on Eagle 2.4L rods, Crower Cams, Fierro Racing Race ported head, Crower springs with titanium retainers, PT lifters, STAR turbo kit, HRC big frontmount, DSS stage 2 axles, 3.55 transaxle, Clutchmasters Stage 4 clutch, solid front motor mount, AFX UDP, Megasquirt'n'spark, 72lb/hr injectors. Lots of gauges and wires and bullshit. Currently dismantled and siting.

Chassis Modification

AGX struts / Avenger rear springs. I don't turn.

Interior Modifications


Exterior Modifications

FD3S Rims.

Other projects
Other than the house, the kids, the wife, the dogs, home brewing beer, racing in the 24 Hours of LeMons, and traveling the world for work... Nothing.



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