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DR1665 | "Daisy"

Vehicle Stats

1997 Eagle Talon (base model)
Dyno Link:
none yet
ET Sheet Link:
none yet
Clean daily driver.

Engine Modifications: (engine has been sold)

Venolia 10.5:1 CR custom forged pistons
Eagle ESP H-rods
Full ERT/Fierro-Racing.net race ported head
+1mm SI stainless valves
5 angle valve job
Crower springs & Ti retainers
PTC lifters/rollers
Crower 2 cams
Fidanza adjustable cam gears

Turbo Modifications:


Transmission Modifications:

I blew it up twice in a week. Shame I didn't throw more money at it.

Fuel System Modifications:

none (yet)

Intake Modifications:

Fierro-Racing.net bored TB
Fierro-Racing.net ported intake mani - SOLD
eBay short ram/K&N universal

Exhaust Modifications:

Pacesetter 4-2-1
Cherry Bomb 33" "high-flow cat"
GST axle-back
some spray paint

Greddy Evo cat back ready to install. - SOLD

Suspension Modifications:

Eibach Sportlines on KYB GR2s - SOLD
DIY_rear_camber_mod - Thrown away.
Recnently sourced rear arms/sway bar.

Electronics Modifications:

MSnS - pre-wired/in progress - SOLD
Zeitronix Zt-2 - pre-wired/in progress - SOLD

Brake Modifications:

Metal Masters pads
GSX front calipers - SOLD
Autozone GSX front rotors
Recently sourced rear disc conversion hardware.

Appearance Modifications:

clear bumper lights
blacked out headlights
fatty dent in passenger rear quarter
wheel-nut-related gash in passenger front fender
window trim dented from break-in sometime before 2000
numerous door dings
Recently sourced TSi AWD fog lights in pristine condition!

Audio System Modifications:

none - stolen twice - not worth it

Wheel Upgrade and Modifications:

(set) 14" 'swirlies'
(set) 16" "Turbofan" 1G GS-T wheels
(set) 16" "Turbofan" 1G GS wheels (they are different)
(set) 16" O.Z. Edition 2G GS wheels - SOLD
(set) 16" ESi/TSi wheels
(set) 17" 2G GSX wheels - SOLD
(set) 17" Excel FN01RC knock-offs - SOLD
(I need to get some of these bitches on Craigslist soon.)

Tire Upgrade and Modifications:

Random tires by Hancook/Yokohama/Falken/Sears

Other Modifications:

Backlit center taillight piece "TALON" reworking v2.0 one of these days.

Custom, azDave, LED tails in the distant future.


Document statistics: Last modified on 2008-01-17 12:28:20 by DR1665

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