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DCR Cam Setting Fixture and Dial

Here I will review the cam setting fixture offered by DCR. Works just fine with 2gnt's. Timing will be dead on after this.

Whats Included

The DCR kit is complete, and makes timing a breeze.

Cam setting plate (4 in photo)
Cam hole inserts (these are cam specific) (4 in photo)
Magnetic base (3 in photo)
Dial indicator (1 in photo)
Extension rod (2 in photo)


Well, it is a known fact that cam gears are off. Also, if you have milled the head it will throw off the timing, and the marks will be off.

You will need adjustable cam gears to use this.

How To Use It

It really is easy. First, put the inserts into the cam plate. In the case of Cranes the exhaust is different from the intake. For Crower and stock they are each the same diameter, albeit different. Now snap it into the cam holes between the first and second cylinder. These should always point up. You may need to tap it in with a rubber mallet.

Now that that is done, your cams are perfectly zeroed out. Now loosen your cam gear adjustment bolts.

Put your magnetic base onto the cam plate, then attached the dial indicator and extension rod down into the first cylinder. This should be touching the piston. I made it a good point to make sure the dial indicator spun once before tightening the dial down.

Now spin the crank a tad. You will see the needle stop at a certain number and start going back. Spin the crank in the opposite directly and note where the dial starts going back. Turn the crank until the needle hits the number and then stop. Piston is now at TDC.

Now put your belt on, letting the cam gears go where ever. I spun the outer ring while putting the belt so it would have plenty of room retarded or advanced. Set the correct tension on the timing tensioner.

Recheck that number one is at TDC, if it is not, put it back using the dial.

Now tighten your cam gears down.

You are done!

Final Word

I absolutely love this tool. According to DCR, there is no need to adjust cam gears on a dyno after this because it is now zeroed in. He and several other SRT4's have backed this up with a dyno.

Have adjustable cam gears and your car is already assembled? Awesome, because all you need to zero in your timing is to pull the valve cover.

It was around 140 shipped and is well worth it.


Refer to the "Whats Included" for number reference.

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