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PROFILE | Cougar694u

Name: Luke Huckaba

DOB: November 8, 1979

Location: San Antonio, TX

Occupation: Sr. Systems Specialist

Member Since: September 2003

E-Mail: luke@69cougar.com


My dad owned Huck's Truck & Auto Repair as I was growing up, so I was always hanging out workin on stuff. I practically grew up under a car. I was first introduced to 'power sports' when I was about 5 or 6 when my brother let me ride his minibike. From then on, all I really cared about was going fast. My first car was a 1969 Mercury Cougar, which is where my screen name came from, and I picked it up in September of 1995. Since then, I've been through the motor several times, many transmissions, and have won 3 championships in the True Street class in The Clash of the Titans. Best time to date is a 11.916 @ 115 at Houston Raceway Park, Thanksgiving weekend, 2006. In 3rd quarter of 2003, I decided to buy a smaller car that'd be good on gas mileage, and look good, too. The only car that came to mind was the 2GNT. I picked up my 1999 OZ Racing Edition Eclipse GS in September 2003 and immediately joined 2GNT's website. During a certain period in my life, I changed cars every 6 months or so, and unfortunately, this was during that time. I think I owned this one for 8 wonderful months, and sold it to buy a convertible mustang GT. It didn't take long, however, for me to buy another 2GNT. I bought my second one in October of 2004, but sold it around August of 2006. I'll have one another day, once I'm married and have some extra cash to throw around.


Other than playing with my cougar, I also love to ride my 2002 Hayabusa. I'm not much of a drag racer on it, though. The best time I got out of it was a 10.18 @ 139, with a slower 60' time than my cougar. I've ridden MSR Houston and loved every second of it. I have plans to eventually race on Texas World Speedway and MSR Cresson some time in the next few years. I also play golf, surfed, sky dived, and have flown a plane. We'll see what's next on the list...

Vehicle Stats

Year/Make: 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS - OZ Racing Edition (sold)

Color: Red

Best time: 15.26 @ 86 NA - 14.81 on a 50-shot

Goals: Faster than stock daily driver

Engine Modifications:

Stock pistons

Stock Rods

Unorthodox UDP

Mildly ported & polished head, milled to bump compression

3 angle valve job

Crane valve springs

Crane #14 cams

Nitrous Express (NX) 50-shot wet kit fogger

AEM TruTime adjustable cam gears

Transmission Modifications:

B&M Short throw shifter

Fuel System Modifications:


Intake Modifications:

Ported & polished upper & lower manifold

Ported throttle body - 55 mm

AEM Short Ram CAI

Exhaust Modifications:

GReddy stainless header

Hollow cat

DynoMax muffler

Suspension Modifications:

Eibach Sportlines on KYB GR2s

Electronics Modifications:


My second 2GNT ended up getting a stock rebuild and got sold to help fund my wedding. Over the time that I owned it, I had planned on going for the fastest NA title. Here's a list of goodies that I had and never installed (I sold them to fund the stock rebuild):

10.5:1 pistons

Crower Stage 3 cams

Crane Valve Springs

+1mm Stainless Steel Valves

5-Speed Swap

If I had the time & money, I think I could could have assembled it and had one bad ass 2GNT.

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