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Door glass - Wind/Noise/Water Leaks

By: Slimyjr.

NO. TSB-95-42A-004

Model: 1995 Eclipse

Backround Information:

Improper door glass adjustment may cause wind and water leakage, difficult window operation, and/or damaged drip molding. There are four glass positions that can be adjusted. Adjusting one of these glass positions may affect the other three positions.

PARALLELISM - If the parallelism is set incorrectly, there will be an unequal gap at the quarter glass molding. Adjusting the equalizer arm(window regulator) bracket changes this glass position.

FORE AND AFT - Fore and aft refers the the front-to-rear glass postion. Adjusting the galss guide rear track slotted screws changes the fore and aft position of the glass.

HIEGHT - Adjusting the up-stops changes the maximum height to which the glass rises when rolled completely up.

TILT - Tilt is the inboard-outboard position of the upper corner of the glass. Adjusting the glass guide rear track slotted screws changes the tilt.

This is divided into three sections:

Measurements and Specifications
Symptom Chart
Adjustment Procedures

To use this wiki page:

1. Make glass measurements as described in the MEASUREMENTS AND SPECIFICATIONS section to determine which position is out of specification.

2. Using these measurements and the the SYMPTOM CHART, determine which adjustment procedure is required.

3. Refer to the ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES section for instructions. Remember that adjusting one glass position may affect the other positions, so always reverify measurements and specifications.

Measurements and Specifications

1. Always check the door-tobody alignment first. With the door glass in the full down postion, check the door latch-to-door striker alignment. If necessary, adjust the door striker.

2. Apply a piece of masking tape along the quarter window molding as shown by the shaded area. Make a mark on the tape at 65mm below the top weatherstrip seam. Then make another mark on the tape at 100mm below the first mark.

Measure the distance from the front of the quarter trim molding to the edge of the glass at each of the two marks on the tape. Specification is 12-15 mm at each mark.

The measurement(gap width) at the two marks should be within 1/2 mm of each other. If they are not, parallelism adjustment is required.

If out of specification(gap too wide or narrow), fore and aft adjustment is required.

3. Apply two 50mm pieces of masking tape over the top of the glass at the following areas:

With the door closed and the window rolled completely up, use a pencil to mark on the tape the current position of the window molding at the glass. Then open the door and measure the distance from the edge of the glass to the mark on the the tape. Record the measurements on the tape.

Specifications are:
Front tape: 1.5mm to 4.5mm
Rear tape: 2.5mm to 4.5mm
If out of specification, hieght adjustment is required.

4. Wet the inner corner of the glass. Close the door just until the glass contacts the weatherstrip. Measuer the gap between the body and the door, jsut below the door handle. Specification is 15-20mm.

If out of specification, tilt adjustment is required.

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