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Throttle Body Cleaning

Throttle Body Cleaning: Firstly, you'll need to take off the air intake. Then remove the two 13mm bolts that hold the throttle body to the upper intake manifold.

Note: IAC is removed in this picture, all you can see is part of the flange it mounts to and one of the bolts that holds it in place
Take your carb cleaner and spray the butterfly valve down nicely. Don't use the whole can, just enough to clean it nice and good. Then take a clean rag and wipe everything inside down good.

IAC motor: Here is a brief explination of what it is by Corbin:
-Begin Quote- "The IAC is the Idle Air Control motor. It is a stepper motor that pulls a plunger in and out of a throttle bypass air passage. When it "opens" it lets air bypass the throttle plate. When it "closes" it stops air from bypassing the throttle plate. Because it is a stepper motor, it can rest in various positions (not just open and closed). I explain alot of sensors/actuators here: http://www.2gnt.com/www/corbin/mfi.html -End Quote-

Thank you Corbin for your informative description.

The IAC motor is located on the lower right hand side of the throttle body (when still mounted on the intake manifold) It is held in place by two 8mm bolts and has a wiring harness connected to it. After unbolting the throttle body you can disconnect the wiring harness and turn the TB so you have access to the IAC motor, undo the two bolts (8mm) so that you can remove the plunger (IAC) from the throttle body.

Above is a view from the side of the TB, here you see the flange the IAC mounts too and the hole the plunger goes into.

So lets see a picture of this bad boy when it�s not in the car:

You can now wipe down the plunger with a rag and some more carb cleaner and proceed to clean out the hole the plunger goes into as best as you can with the rag and carb cleaner. This passage that the plunger goes into has an entrance and an exit. You will notice the entrance for the air is a small hole inside the throttle body before the butterfly valve. (shown in the first picture)

The exit is a hole that leads into the intake manifold. I forgot to get a picture of this, fortunately I have a spare intake manifold laying around so I can still show you what I mean.

After cleaning as best you can you're all done.

Bolt the IAC Motor back on the TB plug in the sensors, and bolt the TB back onto the Intake Manifold. I recommend having a new gasket on hand for this since they are fairly brittle and you'll probably break the one that's on there. It's only a couple dollars at your local parts store, but my money is on they probably won't have it in stock (I had to wait an hour for mine, but I figured that so just called in my order)

Make sure all lines are reconnected (ie whatever that damn vaccuum line is that attaches to the top of your TB) and any harnesses you may have unplugged. I unplugged 3 total, one on the tb, one for the IAC and the third was just in my way, maybe injector harness, but I don't remember

Reconnect your battery and reinstall your intake then start it up. It may not start up right away. It may take a few turn overs to get her igniting some gas. It has to work out the carb cleaner from its system. You'll see it coming out of your exhaust when the motor finally does turn over. Just keep giving it some gas until she is running normally again...it shouldn't take more than 15 secs for it to work through. So, is she idling? You damn skippy she is idling now. Purring like a kitten with a new toy. These steps fixed my idle problem. From what I've read, everyone seems to have a slightly different case of idle problems. These steps cost me a whole 6 dollars of carb cleaner and a $3 gasket, A LOT LESS than the dealership would have charged me and I have no one to thank but the people who know the answers on this forum.

-Jeremy (J-S), updated/edited by Corey cs82685

Original document can be found here:

I also found this too, but not until after I cleaned mine out:

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