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LED Gauge Cluster Conversion

Well this was one of the first interior mod I did, I got my LEDs from www.Autolumination.com. You will need a dremel tool, maybe even a nail file will do to shave some of the plastic sleeve off of the bulb. You will need 7 #74 LEDs for the gauge cluster, and two more if you wish to the the cigarette lighter ring and ignition key ring.

This article assumes you know how to take out the gauge cluster and have the common sense to disconnect the battery when ever you work with anything electric in your vehicle.

Heres an illustration that says it all, but ill explain all of it below:

Ok well my bulbs came with a lil pastic sleeve over the actual bulb, so i had to shave some off ALL-AROUND (pic makes it seem only on 2 sides) so it was leveled with the bulb, I also shaved some off of the actual part that plugs in, there the little metal wires are bent over. This way the bulb will plug right into the bulb sockets, just push it with some minimal force and you'll feel it lock in.

P.S. just so u know, what I didnt!:

1. The incandecent bulbs on the cluster come out straight up and out, no need to twist them, JUST PULL THEM OUT!

2. To locate the bulbs which will actually light the instrument panel and not the engine signs and so on, remove the sockets, and you'll see the transparent plastic used to scatter the light.

3. I thought it was 9 bulbs for the instrument panel, but its actually 7, so I used the extra 2 on the cigarette lighter ring and key ring.

4. Be careful with the dremel/what ever else you use, so you dont damage the LED bulb or wires at the bottom.

5. LEDs are "polar" it matter how you plug them in. If you put in the LED but it doesn't seem to be on, take out the cluster and rotate the suspected LEDs 180 degrees.

Happy Modding

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