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Converting Center Consol bulbs to LEDs

By: Slimyjr.

This is very simply if you have some knowledge of basic electronics. Firstly lets go over ohm's law. For this, you will only be using one of the three equations in ohm's law and that is R=E/I. R=resistance, E=Source voltage minus required voltage, and I=required amps.

First I took the bulb that lights up the cup holder(i think its the cup holder) and cut both wires. The green wire is positive, and the black is negative. Then I went out and bought a high intesisty red LED rated at 2.4V and 20mA. I also went and got some resistors(I used two 330ohm resistors). Now you want to use ohms law.





.666*1000=666=660 ohms.

Now for some tips:

-To find the voltage through the green wire(12V), use a volt meter.
-Never use max voltage of LED. Remember, this is max voltage so just lower voltage a little
-Never use max amperage of LED. Remember, this is max amperage so just lower it a little
-The above equation tells you what size resistor you need to use, go buy the resistor and attach it to the positive wire.

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