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Painting Caliper Install Pics

I have heard that it is extremely dangerous to inhale brake dust fumes (like the ones you create while cleaning the parts you need to clean)
I will assume no responsibility for this, and do all your mods at your own risk. It might work for me it might work for him, but it might not work for you. use your imagiination and have fun.....

You will need 2 cans of 1200 degree paint, one can of brake cleaner, and several wire brushes. i bought a large one, and three small ones. I only used one small, and the large one. use the large first, and use sum force. then use the smaller one to get into the grooves of the mounting bracket. for the caliper itself, only the top and a small part in the center will be visible.
for the front brakes, you will need a 17mm socket and wrench, for the rears, you will need a 14mm socket and wrench.

I cleaned mine first with the brake cleaner, let em dry, then scrubbed em good with the large and small brush. i went back over them with the brake cleaner and let them dry again. you will notice how clean they look after you brush at em for awhile.

I didnt use primer or clean off the brake cleaner, i just let it dry. this cause the paint to run and not spray on evenly. a small touch up with a paint brush works wonders, or if you can find high temp primer your all set.

I used a box and speaker wire (or you can use a wire hanger) and jerry rig the caliper to a suspension peice up in the wheel well.

I went back over the caliper while mounted with a paint brush after a week and a good wash. they stand out very well now.

(Front) above is a pic of a clean mounting bracket and a dirty one

(rear) above is a pic of a clean mounting bracket and a dirty one same as to the left, just from the rear of the car

a picture of the caliper while i was in the process of cleaning it

both mounting brackets cleaned and ready to be painted

a picture of my newspaper job in the wheel well, you have to support the caliper by using and old wire hanger, or speaker wire

a picture of the caliper during the painting process

both mounting brackets from the front painted

pic of the rear brake put back together

pic of front driver's side tire

pic of the rear driver's side

pic of the car raised up, i took it cuz you cant see the jackstands

here you can see where i put the stands on the crossmember.(and sum smoke)

Source: Sean Gordon


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