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CMP|Camshaft Position Sensor

The PCM determines ignition and fuel injection synchronization and cylinder identification from inputs provided by the camshaft position sensor and crankshaft_position_sensor. From the two inputs, the PCM determines crankshaft position and cylinder cycle. The camshaft position sensor attaches to the rear of the cylinder head. A target magnet attaches to the rear of the camshaft and indexes to the correct position. The target magnet has four different poles arranged in an asymmetrical pattern. As the target magnet rotates, the camshaft position sensor senses the change in polarity. The sensor output switch switches from high (5.0 volts) to low (0.30 volts) as the target magnet rotates. When the north pole of the target magnet passes under the sensor, the output switches high. The sensor output switches low when the south pole of the target magnet passes underneath.


The camshaft position sensor is mounted to the rear of the cylinder head. The sensor also acts as a thrust plate to control camshaft endplay.

Cam Sensor Magnet



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