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Here is a simple list of bulbs that should be used to replace certain interior/exterior lighting. I hope this information will prove to be valuable!

Bulb #74
1. Gauge
2. Key Ring
3. Cigarette Lighter
4. Ash Tray

Bulb #194
1. Foot Lights
2. Glove Compartment
3. Side Markers
4. License Plate

Bulb #3mm NeoWedge
1. Cruise Control
2. Fog Light Switch
3. Mirror Control
4. Hazard (3mm seems too big. Possible a 2mm NeoWedge. I will confirm this shortly.)
5. Rear Defroster Switch
6. Rear Wiper Switch

Bulb #H3ST
1. Sylvania SilverStar H3 55w Fog Lamp Bulbs

Bulb #9006SU
1. Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA Low Beam Headlamps

Bulb #9005SU
1. Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA High Beam Headlamps

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