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Bleeding the slave cylinder
Written by Yo

(You will need an assistant)

1. Get some vacuum line that fits over the slave cylinder bleeder screw snuggly. Maybe a foot or so.

You can see the bleeder valve right above the nut on the slave cylinder in the picture above.

2. Get a glass jar (or an empty water bottle) and fill it with some DOT 3 brake fluid. You only have to use enough to cover the end of the hose you used in Step 1. This is done so that you can see when the bubbles stop (meaning you've got the air out of the line).

3. Have your assistant pump up the master cylinder by depressing the clutch pedal a couple times, then holding the pedal to the floor.

4. Crack the bleeder valve open and watch the bubbles in the jar (or bottle) of fluid you set up in Step 2. Once the bubbles stop, tighten the bleeder back up snugly.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you get no more bubbles. If you have to do this more than four or five times, make sure the bleeder is tight, and then make sure you have enough fluid in the clutch reservoir on the firewall. Then go back to bleeding with steps 3 and 4.

NOTE: You will probably work out a system with your buddy wherein you shout to each other to make things go quicker. When the clutch pedal is down, your buddy will shout out "down." Then you can shout out "open" then "closed" so he knows he can pump the pedal some more. When he says "down," he holds the pedal to the floor until you say "closed."

Good luck and enjoy your new clutch pedal action!

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