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Thought there might be a little interest in doing something completely different. This mod is based on a non modular clutch set-up. If you are not familiar with the non modular set-up or want to know how to do it on our vehicles you can reference this page on the wiki;


It tells you about the differences between the modular and the non modular clutches.

The advantage of this mod is, for one, the cost. You get a high clamp load (2500psi) pressure plate and disc at a lower stock price. Also, because these are stock parts they are made with longevity in mind (I discussed this with a dealership friend of mine and he said that the Passat pressure plate - which is what I am using - RARELY ever has a problem. Their stock set-ups typically go over 100k no problem). I know some may disagree on this point but, IMO, I like stock in this case because of their longevity. I also am partial to the non mod set-up because of the flexibility.

In order to do this, you will need these three items;

1. A non mod set-up

A pressure plate
; 1998 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8l turbo (AEB)
VW Part Number 028141117, about $130.

A disc
2.5l w/Turbo (Spirit) 4 Cylinder
Outside Diameter:9 1/8 inches (232 mm)
Spline Major Diameter:15/16
Spline Teeth: 17
(I believe they call it the T-4 disc)

As for the disc, there are many choices that you can use. I put the measurements down so you can search for others. You can obviously use the Neon disc as well (for a 95 Neon). It has an outside diameter of 8 7/16". The 9 1/8" diameter is as big as you can go.

First you will need to change the step height on your flywheel. In my measuring, I found there was a difference in step heights. So I took .077 off of my stock Neon flywheel (just like if you were facing it off, only you are taking off more than normal. No problem, plenty of material).

As for the disc, she will be snug but she will fit right in. The face of the pressure plate is actually just
smaller than the disc (by about 1/16") If you are concerned you can certainly just bevel that edge down on the disc. Or you can just get a smaller diameter disc.

The pressure plate is where you will see some modification. When I first looked at doing this, I put the pressure plate up to the flywheel to eyeball the holes. I did this while the engine was in the engine bay, so my "eyeball angle" wasn't that great. I thought the bolt holes would line up if I just used a "stepper" to open up the holes. Nope, not enough. What I had to do was slot out the holes for the bolts like this;


Where those slots are on the outside of the pressure plate, used to be holes for the bolts. I should have had this balanced at my machine shop (I have since brought it in) but I was anxious to get her in the car (there was no problem. No vibrations, signs of wobbling or clutch chatter).

Then I had to make the dowel pin holes a little bigger to accomodate the larger Neon dowels. I simply ran a 1/4" drill bit through the old dowel holes and she worked perfectly;


Then just put your clutch together like you would normally put a non modualr clutch in (again, check the previous link to non mod clutches if there is a question).

This set-up worked wonderfully for me. Probably 50 launches so far (on 176whp with 147ish tq) and certainly as many NLshifts. No problems. There is also a gentleman running this set-up with a 2.4 Neon coupled with a GT35r @14psi, no problem. That's a little bit of power.

Parts access is pretty plentiful but certainly Rock Auto or Clutchnet.com are good for parts. I got all my parts/work done for under $375. Plenty of bang for the buck.


written by bullettdsm


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