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How To Replace Alternator

Tools Needed

(Tools for jacking up car and removing tire)
(Tools for disconnecting battery)
12mm socket
Screw driver
15mm socket
15mm deep socket
13mm socket
10mm socket
15mm wrench
socket extension


Jack up front of car and secure with jack stands

Remove passenger side tire

Disconnect battery

Remove passenger side wheel splash guard

Remove the 2 plastic screws. The plastic screws may need to be pulled out with a needle nose if it won't unscrew.
Remove the 3 bolts (15mm with extension). The bolts will likely snap so be careful. Use anti-seize on them when putting back in.

Loosen lock nuts

Loosen the nut (15mm deep) on the long bolt holding the alternator to it's mount. The nut is facing towards the driver's side.

Loosen the lock nut (15mm wrench) on the tensioner. It's on top of the alternator between the tensioner bracket and passenger wheel well frame. You will need to reach it from around under and behind the alternator.

Loosen the tension and remove belt

Reach back between the alternator and firewall and feel for the tension bolt pointed towards the firewall. Unscrew the bolt (13 mm) until you can remove the belt.

Disconnected all hardware

Remove the wire bolt (10mm) and wire.
Remove the plastic connector.
Remove the tension lock nut and bolt. Yes this takes awhile as there are a lot of threads.

Remove the alternator

Remove the 3 nuts (15mm) of the alternator mount.

Wiggle the alternator out from under the car.

Installation is the steps backwards.

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