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First of all, this isn't Facebook, so we're not looking for all the details about how your significant other is a cheating slutbag, but if you would like a place to detail the progress on your DSM projects, please feel free to do so.

Some examples of what sort of logs we hope to see in profile pages:

Project Logs

Are you building a street machine? Will your car cover more miles on a trailer, only to hand down beatings at the track? Maybe you're building that show winner that will one day grace multiple magazine covers? Share your build progress here! Describe your problems and how you resolve them.

Tuning Logs

When you start playing with settings, post up screen prints of your maps and charts. Share your thoughts on how your car reacts. In this regard, others who read your logs can see your thoughts and decide if they want to follow your footsteps or go off on their own.

Community Projects

Are you working on a project that will benefit the community? Maybe you're working to grow a DSM community in your city or maybe you're trying to organize a group of DSMers to make regular visits to the local track to race and show them Honda boys a thing or two. In any case, this is the place to do that.

For discussions on issues pertaining to your repairs, installs, tuning, and community projects, please start a thread in the forums where appropriate.
Then link to that thread from your wiki. This keeps your log easy to read, but offers in-depth information for those seeking it.

Essentially, this profile page is intended to allow you the opportunity to showcase your experiences. It is our hope that this will allow those who are dedicated to the DSM scene to build and maintain their reputations in the community. Not only is this wiki intended to be a resource of information on a technical level, but also on a personal level. DSMs are fast, but it is the DSMer who makes it fast.

We're taking a chance with common sense, here. Since the aim of this area is to help DSMers track down others in their area (thus the state break down), we hope to see people using this section to promote both their abilities and community. Because participation in the wiki is tied to membership on 2GNT.com, should anyone be found abusing this system by posting obscene, illicit, illegal, or any material determined to be damaging to the good reputation of this site and it's members, said member will likely be banned.

It's taken years for this site and its members to build a solid reputation. We want to help quality DSMers to do the same. We take this wiki, the project blogs, and our mutual reputations very seriously. Abuse will
be tolerated at all.

That said, we look forward to following your projects unfold.

Thank you,



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