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420A Dyno Page

[i]Share your
420A-powered only
dyno charts on this page. If you have a 4G63-powered car, please post your dyno charts on the 4G63_Dynos page. Thank you.[/i]

Todd is the original, all motor 2GNTer and can be found running his non-turbo at the DSM Shootout each year against the turbo guys without worry. He held the all motor 2GNT record for the longest time with a respectable 15.3xx E.T. with only minimal mods. Here is his dyno information.

This a Dyno measurement taken August 2006 a week after the '06 Shootout.

bullettdsm (Mark Bullett), currently holds the highest max whp and highest max torque for a Naturally Aspirated 420a. These pulls were done at Dent Sport in Norwood, Ma on Dyno Dynamics Dyno

Warmage12 (Jesse), is crazy. His 117 hp eclipse ran 10.5 in 1/8 on 3/4 throttle before breaking. He was hoping for a 10.3-10.4 but now we'll never known. These Dyno pulls were done at Top Dead Center, Spartanburg, SC on a Dynojet Dyno

Fotowntalon (Steve), currently is running 148 whp on his NA Talon, which gave him just enough to hit the 14s at the 2010 Shootout. The dyno was done in Toledo,Ohio @Pure Tuning's Mustang Dynometer

CODE4 (Dave), made 406 whp and 393 wtq on his 2.4L forged motor running 28psi on a Garrett GT3076R. Dyno results provided by Proven Power, Tampa, FL. SAE correction on a DynoJet.

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