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This is so simple that I did pretty much nothing but pics of completion. But I wanted to get it in the wiki so people would know its an option. The advantages are it has a bigger bore (1 1/16") and it simply looks better. There is no bracket for the resevoir and the resevoir is attached to the master for a cleaner 'tuck' in the bay.

To install simply unbolt your old master and remove. Then bolt the new 3g master in place. The only 'alteration' would be that you need to bend one of the lines to come in from the side (simply bend it by hand). Also, if you happen to have some special or painted cap, the caps are identical so you can re-use it on the 3G.

Easy peasy and it looks like this;

3G brake master photo IMG_2746_zpsa2b73f45.jpg

3G brake mast photo IMG_2747_zps536089cc.jpg

written by bullettdsm

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