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2004 2GNT Awards

Due to immaturity in 2004, the annual 2GNT awards are currently taking a hiatus. Expect to see them back and organized, officially, by 2GNT in the not so distant future.


Best electronics/audio/video | djtrickee

Best engine work performed | HybridDSM

Best Exterior | optikal

Best Interior | Aggression

Best Moderator of 2gnt.com | Evulflea

Best Old School 2GNT Member | DarkOne

Best Overall 2GNT | CrazyEclipse

Best overall vehicle at 2gnt | etx

Best Trailer Queen Award | optikal

Fastest 2gnt | HRC

Fastest Overall vehicle (4g63, 2gnt, other) | TIE - HybridDSM & bigbald

Favorite 2gnt Member | DR1665

Funniest 2gnt Member | etx

Most helpful overall member | DarkOne

Most improved member | MadHatter

No0b of the year | Nackers

Official 2gnt Assclown of the Year | a_miller_76

Official POST WHORE for 2004 | injendsm & blizare

WORST member of all time at 2gnt | WTNGCLAN

WORST Moderator of 2gnt? | XTremeRS

[i]As you can see, catagories such as these don't exactly carry on in the spirit of the community. This was the beginning of the end for The_Pits, which were closed shortly thereafter in an effort to reorganize the site.[/i]

Other years where results are known are linked from the timeline .

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