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Mounting an alternator on your 2.4 block

This article assumes you are using a 420a spec alternator and an SRT4 lower alternator bracket, part # 4668445AA

Option 1

Use the bracket you already have - the 420a upper bracket. Since the crank pulley and brackets on 2.4 motors are spaced out approximately 1/4" further, you will need to make up this space with a machined spacer or washers.

Option 2

Use a 2.4L turbo upper bracket, part # 4891533AA, if you have one or can get one for free. If you are ordering a bracket, order the correct one, found in option 3. This bracket can be made to work with minimal work however. The offset against the alternator is correct however it sits higher on the block, causing misalignment with the 420a alternator. By slotting the two block mounting holes it can be corrected.

Option 3

Use the 2.4L non turbo bracket, part # 4668446AA. Offset is correct, and no modification is needed for it to work with the 420a alternator.

Some pictures of the three available brackets:

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