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2.0L ARP Part Numbers

Here will we list the various part numbers that can be used on your 2.0L engine. In some cases this will be the same as a 2.4 swapped car (for example, cam tower studs and intake/exhaust studs).

What is the point?

Well - here is the thing. The only thing that is heavily advised is the head studs. Even on a stock motor I recommend them since there are bolt length issues that can cause head gasket "failure". The rest of them you do not really need. The 420A main girdle is already a excellent design. Cam tower studs are completely and utterly useless. Some turbo manifolds will not let you use all of the studs for the exhaust. Studding the intake manifold could potentially make for a lengthy removal should you decide to swap IM's while the motor is in the car.

But Some PN's are for Fords and Corvettes...?

Yep, some of us have a metric bolt thread gauge and calipers. Just because it is for another car, doesnt mean it wont work.

Part Numbers Galore!

Head studs: 141-4202
Intake/Exhaust: 400-8034
Main Studs: 141-5801
Cam Studs: 141-1001
Flywheel Bolts (NON-MOD ONLY): 254-2801

I will update this as I replace more and more bolts with ARP hardware. The Intake/Exhaust one is actually a Corvette kit - it comes with 16 studs which will do the IM and exhaust. The flywheel bolts belong to a Ford something or other. You end up with around 1mm in clearance when you use them. I cannot stress enough that this is for NON-MOD clutches ONLY.

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