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Crikey. I hope you aren't looking to find a whole lot of information right now. This is a placeholder as I compile the information online. Sorry.

I think that this will be best if I divide things up into sections. That way you can have a concise parts list, interior mods and under hood mods.


This is a list of all the parts that I needed whenever I was doing my manual transmission swap.

I declare this section complete. If anyone sees anything that I missed, please let me know after you make the correction. I'd just like to know what I missed.


Here I will talk briefly about what you need to do to prepare you car for it's transformation.


Hopefully this will list everything that you will need to do in order to get your manual transmission working properly.

This section only has the various topics that will be discussed. Very little information about the swap is here as of right now. I am working on getting it all posted though.


Here you will find out what it takes to make everything work on the inside of the car.

So far all I have here are the various topics to be discussed. Yep, still under construction.

Brought to you by FreelanceFool and the letter N.


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