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1/2" ARP head studs upgrade

The ARP headstuds kit that is currently available for our engines (ARP Part Number: 141-4202) can withhold a lot of boost pressures. After some time of high boost applications of 24psi or higher pressures, the cylinder head could
experience "head lift" which blows out head gaskets. Hahn RaceCraft's 10 second Eclipse RS had this issue and after this modification, it was corrected. In order to combat this potential problem, additional clamping force is required. These larger diameter headstuds must be ordered a-la-carte from ARP. They do not stock them together as a "kit" so you'll need to be precise on your measurements and consult your local machinist for the best fitment.

There are 10 studs total so pay attention.

4 short studs are 5.06" long
6 long studs are 6.76" long

For the short ones you can either go with:
1. part # ar5.000-1lb which is their 5" studs
2. part # ar5.250-1lb which is their 5 1/4" studs
This is Tricky because you don't know if you can get away with #1 or #2. A machine shop can help you with this.

For the long studs you can go with:
Part # ar6.750-1sb which their 6 3/4" studs

The short studs are $6.13 a piece x4 = $24.52
The long studs are $8.67 a piece x6 = $52.02
You'll need 12 pt nuts for your studs which is part # 300-8334 = $30.75
You'll also need washers part # 200-8534 = $8.92

Grand Total

That is directly from ARP. Shipping & handling and moly assembly lube may be extra. You can contact them at 1-800-826-3045 or visit them at ARP's Website. You'll have to order everything individually from your local ARP dealer or call them directly to place your order.

Also, you will need to take your engine block to your local machinist along with the new headstuds from ARP. They will match the threads and maintain the stock depth as well.

Power / Modifications

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